Geneva Exhibitions

Uwe Wittwer
| Aïko Watanabe | Jürg Halter
Musée Ariana
, Geneva from 11. December 2020 to 4. April 2021

Uwe Wittwer, Ugetsu Monogataris Still, Watercolour, 36 x 26 cm 2014

The starting point of the exhibition The Imaginary House is Kenji Mizoguchi’s cult film of 1953: A Misty Moon Afterthe Rain (in Japanese: Ugetsu monogatari). The film tells the story of a potter and his family in the 16th century. Against a backdrop of civil war, this romantic tale set on the shores of Lake Biwa, filmed like a black and white painting, mixes reality and ghosts, love, ambition and loss.

Drawing on this fertile ground, Uwe Wittwer (Switzerland, 1954), Aiko Watanabe (Japan, 1971) and Jürg Halter (Switzerland, 1980) express their individual vision of the film through their own particular artistic discipline. Uwe Wittwer’s watercolours and digital prints thus participate in a rich dialogue with stoneware by Aïko Watanabe and Jürg Halter’s short poems.

This exhibition came to be through the initiative of Kevin Mueller who connected the artists and Clarisse Colliard who established the contact with the museum.

Uwe Wittwer
Musée Ariana, Geneva from 11. December 2020 to 4. April 2021

The twelve capsule showcases around the upper gallery present the second project by Uwe Wittwer (Switzerland, 1954) at the Musée Ariana. Painted and printed works on glass plates, installed at the back of the display cases, dialogue with porcelain birds and figures selected from the museum’s collections.

These twelve staged settings evoke the sulphurous atmosphere of the Amazon jungle that permeates Werner Herzog’s film Aguirre, Wrath of God (1972).

As in The Imaginary House, Uwe Wittwer’s artistic world is rooted in film and develops into a fusion rich with meaning.

Descriptive texts by Anne-Claire Schumacher, Musée Ariana