Selected Editions by Uwe Wittwer. Latest editions available from:
Hatje Cantz | Fondation Beyeler | Verein Für Originalgrafik | Verlag Rothe Drucke

Brandherd, 2017

5 prints, heliogravures and aquatints, in an edition of 9/9 CCs and III EAs, numbered and signed.
Printed by Arno Hassler and Romain Crelier at the Atelier de Gravure, Moutier, 2017. Published by Verlag Rothe Drucke.
 Sheet size: 75.1 x 50.2 cm. Paper: Zerkall mould-made paper, 250 g/m2. The intaglios were created in conjunction with the artist’s book «Brandherd».

Untitled, 2009

Limited edition of the book «Verwehung» including one of three inkjet prints. Edition of 33 books, prints numbered 1/11 to 11/11, I/III to III/III. Printed by Kevin Mueller at Atelier Uwe Wittwer, Zürich, 2009. Published by Nolan Judin, Berlin. Sheet/image size: 27 x 23 cm

Verwehung, 2008

7 prints, heliogravure and etching, in an edition of 12 numbered 1 to 12 plus 3 proof sets numbered I/III - III/III. Plates produced by Michèle Dillier, Arno Hassler. Printed by Michèle Dillier, Atelier de Gravure, Moutier, Switzerland, June 2008. Published by Haunch of Venison, Zürich. Sheet size: 63 x 55 cm. With title-page in grey linen portfolio

Museum, 2005

Kevin Mueller and Uwe Wittwer with Aziza Sadikova, Cembalo composer; Andreas Ryser, sound producer; Klaus Merz, text; Arne Nannestad, voice. DVD, 10 minutes looped. Edition of 5.

To the Stadium, 2001

Kevin Mueller and Uwe Wittwer with Amy Lawrence, text and voice; Andreas Ryser, music. DVD, 21 minutes looped. Edition of 5.